20 Outubro 2021, 22:46 Rui Henriques

Project submissions accepted until October 24th via Fenix.
During this week of project support, we saw doubts regarding the method for ranking sentences.
Please avoid summing the score of each term to produce the final score of a sentence in a given document.
A principle: a document summary is composed by terms that are frequent in the document and allow some level of distinction against other documents.
Remember: the report is our entry point into your project. Please do not underestimate the time required to write a good report.
For more questions, contact us by email or during project support hours.
Good work!

Next week labs and project support

16 Outubro 2021, 23:11 Rui Henriques

Extra office hours were posted for project support throughout the upcoming week.
In the upcoming week (October 18-22), only the second lab (Wednesday onwards) will be given. There won't be labs on Monday and Tuesday.
See you next Monday!

Office hours for project (part 1)

14 Outubro 2021, 21:34 Leonardo Duarte Rodrigues Alexandre

Friday (15/10/2021 and 22/10/2021) Alameda room FA2 from 9:00 to 11:00

Wednesday (20/10/2021) Tagus room (to be announced) from 14:00 to 16:00

Me and Sofia will also be in the following zoom meeting during those hours (in case you can't be there in person):

Meeting ID: 819 8435 3091
Password: 035149

Extra Lab (holiday)

6 Outubro 2021, 13:36 Rui Henriques

The extra lab today 14h30 @ Tagus will be given at room 0-73.
The lab at 16h will be on room 1-17 as planned.
See you soon!

Zoom room and holiday

28 Setembro 2021, 10:23 Rui Henriques

Upcoming lectures will continue to be on site.
A zoom link is provided on Materials for those who exceptionally may not be able to attend.

And now for our audience at Tagus:
Registrations will open for RGIL05 (Tuesday/Wednesday) only, yet Monday lab will still be offered.
Next Tuesday (Oct 5) is a national holiday, Sofia (host) is welcoming you to Monday's lab L1 and will be offering an extra lab L1 on Wednesday, Oct 6 at 14h30 (room to be announced). Let us know of any unforeseen incompatibility.