Exam and final grades

8 Fevereiro 2016, 12:41 Pável Pereira Calado

The grades for the second exam and the final course grades where published.

Students who what to review their exame should contant both professores until 9/2/2016, 13:00.

Exam registration

26 Janeiro 2016, 10:34 Pável Pereira Calado

We ask the students to register for the second exam. This is  mandatory. Registration will be open until 27jan/2016 at 12:00.

Exam grades

23 Janeiro 2016, 20:45 Pável Pereira Calado

The exam grades are now published under "Exames/Notas" (TP website).

For the clarification of any detail concerning the exam grades, please try
first that by email contacting the relevant professor, considering that the
groups 1 and 2 where graded by Prof. Pável Calado and groups 3 and 4 by
Prof. José Borbinha.
If you believe a in presence review is required, please send a request for
that by email, to the concerned professor, UNTIL THE 20:00 OF January 25th,
considering these periods for that purpose:
- Prof. Pável Calado (groups 1 or 2):
-- Taguspark - 26th January (Tuesday) - 12:00--13:00
-- Alameda - 27th January (Tuesday) - 14:00--15:00
- Prof. José Borbinha (groups 3 or 4):
-- TagusPark - 26th January (Tuesday) - 12:00--13:00
-- Alameda - 26th January (Tuesday) - 17:00--18:00

Information about the exam

30 Dezembro 2015, 11:51 Pável Pereira Calado

An example exam was published in section “Exames”. The actual exams will follow this format and will have the same type of questions.

We ask the students to register for the exam. This is not mandatory but it will help us with the logistics, so please register. Registration will be open until 4/jan/2016 at 12:00.

Some information for the exam:

  • you should bring your own writing paper (folhas de teste);
  • you should bring a calculator (you cannot use your phone);
  • the exam is open book: you can bring any material you want for consultation, except electronic devices.

Project Deliverable 1 and 3 - grades

10 Dezembro 2015, 19:16 José Borbinha

The grades of the Project Deliverables 1 and 3 are published here, in the section "Projecto" of the Tagus site