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First Lecture

14 Setembro 2018, 09:51 Ilídio Lopes

Dear students,

The first lecture of the course “The Laboratory of Astrophysics” will take place next Tuesday, 18th September at 14h00m, in the Astrophysics Laboratory Room (floor -2 Edifício de Matemática – Maths Building).  If you need instructions about how to find the classroom for the lecture, please ask at the reception of the Maths Building.

The theoretical lectures will start on the 24th September (Monday), at 17h00m in the Room “n:1, Pavilhão de Eletricidade, (Alameda)”.  

With my best regards,

Ilidio Lopes

Corpo Docente

Ilídio Lopes


José Maria Vargas Lopes

Violetta Sagun