Slides on Introduction to Python.

Exercise Python with these problems.

The sudoku solvers coded during Problems class can be found here (3-Oct) and here (7-Oct) (the differences between them are minor).

Moodle platform instructions: PDF (V2.0, 19-Oct-2019)

Mini-project #1:
  • Assignment: PDF (V1.2, 3-Nov-2019 - clarified that the rotation time is the minimum time between an arrival and the next departure, if any)
  • Deadline: 13-Nov-2019 [UPDATED]
  • Examples: ZIP (updated 20-Oct-2019)
  • Private tests: ZIP
Mini-project #2:
  • Assignment: PDF (V1.1, updated 1-Dec-2019 - clarified initial probability and revised evaluation criteria)
  • Deadline: 15-Dec-2019
  • Examples: ZIP (updated 1-Dec-2019)
  • Public tests and their solutions: ZIP (updated 1-Dec-2019)