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GNC next sessions

1 Abril 2023, 13:04 Paulo Jorge Coelho Ramalho Oliveira

Dear GNC students,


we are approaching Easter holydays. In the next FOUR weeks, I'll be available to discuss on Phase II of your projects and clarify any other topics you need. So, please to schedule the sessions, contact me by email, at least 24 hours on advance. 

The sessions will be on our usual periods:

Remotely, by Zoom on April 04th, Tuesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Remotely, by Zoom on April 05th, Wednesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Remotely, by Zoom on April 11th, Tuesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Remotely, by Zoom on April 12th, Wednesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Presential sessions on April 18th, Tuesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Presential sessions on April 19th, Wednesday, 14h30 – 16h30 

Presential sessions on April 26th, Wednesday, 14h30 – 16h30 


On the week starting on May 2nd, classes will return to the usual format (coinciding with the start of P4).


Our next Oral Recitation session will be on May 5th, 9h00, Amph Ea4, where the second MAP will take place on the last half hour of the lesson.   


Good wok and enjoy some holydays,

Paulo Oliveira

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Paulo Jorge Coelho Ramalho Oliveira