Métodos de Avaliação

Test/Exam Remotely

·         The test is held at the 18th of May 

·         The exam is held at the 25th of June 

What about Evaluation and Group Assignment?

·         The groups enrolment will be done though Fenix, from 14th until 22nd of March.

·         The cases studies will be done remotely, using the Colibri platform. 

·         Without further information, the test remains unchanged. Otherwise, will be done remotely, at the same date.  

How can the students clarify theirs doubts about subjects?

·         The students can send an e-mail or if necessary, book a meeting call.

·         To book a meeting call is necessary to send an e-mail at least 48h before.

·         The meeting call will be mainly at the timetable, Friday at 10.30 to 12h. However, some flexibility can be arranged, based on each situation.

·         The meeting call will follow the same procedures as remote lectures.