Very important information - Test/Exam

16 Maio 2020, 15:40 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela

The Online Exam Procedures and Recommendation for the Test are available in  two files in Folder Information to Support the Exam in Fenix. 

All students must read it very carefully in advance (before the test day). 

Groups´ enrollment reminder

1 Abril 2020, 08:02 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela

Important reminder for those you didn´t enroll :

- The case studies are mandatory

- Students contacts not yet enrolled in the group were shared among all the students by mail. 

- You need to organize yourself.

- All the students must be enrolled in a group  by the end of this week.

- The case studies will start one week later than the previously announced.


How to attend the Classes in the following weeks? See the links below

18 Março 2020, 11:54 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela

Link for Theoretical Classes:

·         Wednesday Class at 3:00 pm  :

·         Mondays  Class at 1.30 pm :


Link for Practical Classes:

Today´s Class

16 Março 2020, 14:30 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela

Links for today´s class.  

Class to clarify any doubt at 3 to 3.30 pm link: 

Practical class following the clarification class starting around 3.30 pm :

Teaching Remotely

13 Março 2020, 10:32 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela

These procedures aim to mitigate the impact that Corona Virus has already caused.  I expect the engage of everyone, not only, following the teaching procedures, but also, the Social behavior already suggested by so many official entities.

The following procedures may be suffering some adjustment in the future, if necessary.


Procedures to attend remote lectures and its procedures:

·         The lectures restart at 18 th of March.

·         We will deliver a live lecture remotely, in the predefined timetable.  

·         The lectures will start as defined in the timetable (on time).

·         The link to attend the lecture will be delivered 10 min before the lecture starts (webpage or/and mail). 

·         To improve sound quality, the remote participants must mute their audio, unless they are allowed to talk.

·         The lecture will have breaks to clarify students doubt.

·         To increase the teaching coordination and to help the students focus, the two shifts that starts at 3 pm will be delivered simultaneously, by only one professor.  

·         The subjects in the theoretical classes will be delivered slower and will be suggested that the students use paper and pencil, every time the subject suggests it.

·         The practical classes will have available, as much as possible, templates before the class, to help the solution exercise.  The paper, pencil, computers are also required.



How can the students clarify theirs doubts about subjects?

·         The students can send an e-mail or if necessary, book a meeting call.

·         To book a meeting call is necessary to send an e-mail at least 48 h before.

·         The meeting call will be mainly at the timetable, Friday at 10.30 to 12 h. However, some flexibility can be arranged, based on each situation.

·         The meeting call will follow the same procedures as remote lectures. 


What about Evaluation and Group Assignment?

·         The groups enrollment will be done though Fenix, from 14th until 22nd of March.

·         The cases studies will be done remotely, using the Colibri platform. 

·         When the time comes, more details will be delivered.



Considering the new reality, i am managing the invited speaker and booking new dates. At this moment, i am not able to guarantee the invited speaker’s availability, nor the, skills to do it remotely. However, i will try my best.