Each group has to present a paper from the list of papers below. 

Paper presentations have the following format and rules:

  • The presentation will have a duration of 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes dedicated to questions
  • The presentation can be done in english or portuguese
  • Each group member should present for roughly the same time
  • Besides presenting the paper the group is expected to summarize the strengths and weakness of the paper, for instance through a slide at the end of presentation
  • Students are recommended to recall the presentation guidelines in the "Introduction" slide deck
  • All students are encouraged to ask questions to the presenting colleagues
  • Due to the VC system, the presentation will be done on my computer. The slides (powerpoint, pdf, keynote, link) should be shared with me before the class.

The paper selection will be done through a Doodle where each group should select exactly one paper.
The link to the Doodle will be announced on Friday, October 15 at noon.

The presentations are schedulled for the theoretical classes of October 26, 29, and November 2,5.
The final schedulle will be announced on Monday 18.