Second electronic test

3 dezembro 2019, 10:28 José Fernando Alves da Silva

The second electronic test is scheduled to 18/12/2019 from 20:00 to 21:30, room E4, E1.

The 2nd test will include questions related to all aspects studied in Inverters and in DC-DC converters.
An example 2nd test will be posted in fénix for self-assessment purposes.

For the test, the student should have:
- a smartphone (best with a QR code reader), or a tablet or a laptop computer. Devices should have enough battery charge to be ON at least during 1.5 hours (use a power bank or the equipment charger and an extension cord);
- just one page with the needed handwritten equations (the electronic test questions will not show any formulas);
- a calculator (non programmable);
- blank paper sheets to write intermediate calculations, if needed;
- the student card or a suitable identification card with the student photo.
Each student will register in the room plan.

The student will fill a google-form with multiple choice answers, like in the theoretical/practical classes exercises (electronic test questions will not show any formulas).
To provide the answers, the correct theoretical concepts are needed, together with several calculations.
A personal token will be given to each student to enable the submission of the filled-in google-form. At the end of the test, students will receive by mail their score in the range 0-100.
Written papers or figures will not be accepted.

Although the course evaluation is officially "2 Electronic Tests", students with special requirements, willing to do the old kind of hand-written tests, must contact the teacher during the week 9-13 of december.