Métodos de Avaliação

• 2 electronic tests and 2 exams (70% FINAL MARK)

• Both electronic tests weight 50% (of 70%), minimum test mark is 8/20, minimum average of tests 9/20
• 1st Exam: Exam or one (electronic) test repetition (Exam mark> 9/20)
• Lab 30% FINAL MARK: max[70% electronic tests or exam+30% lab+bonus; 20]
• In electronic tests or exams, students can use:  1 A4 sheet for formulas (single-side for tests, two-side for exam) written in blue ink (no computer text, no printing, scanning or photocopying)  1 A4 page of handmade sinus drawings in light color ink A smartphone, tablet or laptop computer (for electronic tests) Any other materials are not allowed 

• The evaluation in the special season is a written exam done in a IST room. Students without a grade in the laboratory reports, but a written exam mark exceeding the minimum grade (9/20) in the written exam, will have to perform a lab exam.