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Laboratory Work (Updated Information)

4 Abril 2021, 02:00 Sohel Murshed

Please note that the execution of laboratory work will take place face-to-face during 11th Week (17-21 May 2021) in the Heat Transfer Lab. The registration for the lab grouping will be opened during the 1st week of May 2021.

The rules and assessment of laboratory work remained the same (except reducing the number of students in each group) and they are also repeated bellow:

-The laboratory work is performed in groups of 4 to 5 students. Registration for the lab grouping through the Fenix webpage is mandatory. 
-Evaluation of laboratory work will be done through submitted group report on laboratory work. The report must be submitted within 1 week after performing the lab. There is no minimum grade for the laboratory work.

  • The laboratory work is mandatory for students registered for the first time (including student-workers).
  • Students who have a grade in the laboratory work in 2019/20 may repeat the laboratory, but if they do, the grade in the present year shall prevail.
-For students who do the laboratory work this year or have a grade in 2019/20, the weight of the Laboratory work for the final grade is wlab= 0.15 (i.e., 15%), while for all other students the weight is wlab=0. 
Above information is also available in Section-Experimental Lab/Laboratório Experimental.

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