Registration for Exam

7 Janeiro 2021, 19:07 Carlos Nuno da Cruz Ribeiro

Dear Students, 

It is very important that you register for exam, so that we can plan the logistics that minimize COVID-19 dissemination.

According with the official data, the probability that one of you is infected with COVID-19 is ~43%. But, given the asymptomatic nature of most infections, the probability that one of us is infected should be more than 60%. This is a tremendous number that shows that only with luck we are not going to share the space with at least one infected person.

To prevent the dissemination I urge you to be extra careful both in the process of entering and exit the room and in the room. Respect the distances, because math don't lie.

The exam will be held mainly in the dinning hall of the math building (there is one other smaller room), which is a large enough place to respect the distances but has only one door. So entering and leaving the room will require extra care.

Soon, I'll describe the process that I envisage for an orderly entry and exit.

Don't forget to register and be careful.