Project Discussions: Remote Participation Allowed under Conditions

5 Janeiro 2021, 14:35 António Manuel Raminhos Cordeiro Grilo

Some students have rightfully manifested their worries regarding the current pandemic situation (we seem to be at the start of a third wave), proposing that the project discussions should be done remotely, without need or physical presence at the IST campus. The professors are sensitive to this argument. As such, THE STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE REMOTELY, PROVIDED THAT THEY KEEP THEIR CAMERA AND MICROPHONE ACTIVE THROUGHOUT THE ZOOM SESSION. This also applies to the students who, because of some special condition, had already been given permission to participate remotely.

The students who don't have microphone or camera, or who use to experience bad network connectivity, are still required to present themselves physically as previously announced (see the disclaimer).

DISCLAIMER: the professors will not take the responsibility for any malfunctions in the students' equipment or network conditions.