CSC Online Exam Rules

3 Fevereiro 2021, 10:12 Carlos Nuno da Cruz Ribeiro

Please mind today's CSC exam rules.

  1. Students should connect to the zoom room 10 minutes before the exam starts 
  2. This rules will be explained in the beginning of the exam
  3. The students will be divided into breakout rooms
  4. The camera and microphone should be connected at all times
  5. Students should write the header of their exam answer sheet and show to the professor
  6. Students should show their Ids and face to the professor
  7. The exam will be send through the zoom chat
  8. After exam distribution: 
    • No student  can enter the room
    • Students are prevented to use theirs computers keyboard again (unless to download the exam sheet)
  9. Questions about the exam will be put orally to everyone
    • To minimize noise questions will only be allowed at specific times, defined by the professor
  10. At the end of the exam the students have 10 minutes to send their exam by mail.
    • If the email does not arrive with the correct timestamp the exam will not be considered
    • Please test the scan feature before the exam
    • [I had never used Adobe scan and I was able to scan and sent a test exam with 10 pages in less than 30 seconds, so 10 minutes is enough] 
  11. Please use the email:
    • address:
    • subject: CSC <your student number>