Final Grades Table Available

19 Julho 2021, 03:27 João Coelho Garcia

The final grades table is available in the "Grades" section.

Second Exam Grades, Exam Revision and Special Exam Papers

14 Julho 2021, 12:06 João Coelho Garcia

The second exam grades will be published at the latest tomorrow July 15th at 9:00. As in the first exam, your exam attempts will be accessible on the moodle platform ( as well as the solutions. If you detect any issue with your grades, please email me at until 17:00 tomorrow July 15th and I will issue any required corrections or explanations.

The papers for the special exam will be:
- SAIL: Single Access Point-Based Indoor Localization
- Vector-Field Consistency for Ad-hoc Gaming
- Fine Grained Energy Accounting on Smartphones with Eprof

First Exam Revision

5 Julho 2021, 23:21 João Coelho Garcia

In the department Moodle platform ( students should have access to their own first exam, partial grades and the corresponding correct answers. For the solution to the exam's long form questions see the "Exams" section. If you would like any of the first exam questions to be review please send a justified request to

First Exam Grades, Second Exam Papers, Second Exam Enrollment

3 Julho 2021, 12:20 João Coelho Garcia

First exam grades are in the "Grades section".

The papers for the second exam are:
  • RFID Technology for IoT-Based Personal Healthcare in Smart Spaces
  • Vector-Field Consistency for Ad-hoc Gaming
  • When IoT met Augmented Reality: Visualizing the Source of the Wireless Signal in AR View
Enrollment for the second exam is open.

First Exam Grades

3 Julho 2021, 01:07 João Coelho Garcia

First exam grades are available in the "Grades" section.