The presentation schedule available below has mostly presentations for groups of 2 students and a few 1 student presentations (of simpler papers). The groups for the presentations are NOT the project groups that have 3 members. When you pick a paper you are also picking a date. The schedule is the same for the Alameda lectures and Taguspark lectures. You can pick the same paper in the Alameda schedule or the Taguspark schedule. For fairness, presentations in both lecture schedules must be made in English.

Starting on Thursday, March 11th at 12:00 (noon) please send me an email with the subject "CMU presentation enrollment" including the name and student numbers of the presenter or presenters and a list of your choices with at least 3 options (including the paper's date, number and title and the preferred presentation lecture schedule, Alameda or Taguspark). Emails sent before that hour will be returned and disregarded. Emails will be processed in order of arrival and paper choices in the order included in the email. If you want to select a specific paper regardless of the campus please insert two items in your option list one for the Alameda schedule and one for the Taguspark schedule.