Últimos anúncios

Start of the Classes

5 Março 2022, 20:38 Francisco Manuel Da Silva Lemos

The first class of this course is scheduled to take place on Thursday next, March 10, at 8:30 am.

As there is a large number of students enrolled, we are still unsure how this first class will take place, as the room that was assigned is too small. We are also trying to solve the issues related to the number of shifts for the practical and seminar classes, as only one shift was scheduled, and this is clearly insufficient for the current number of students.

We will keep you advised on the developments but, in any circumstance, we will meet and discuss with you on Thursday.

Corpo Docente

Edgar Caetano Fernandes



Francisco Manuel Da Silva Lemos



Maria Amélia Lemos



Bruno Filipe Lopes Gouveia