Online class on Information Synthesis Models (PCA)

8 Novembro 2021, 22:42 Marta Castilho Gomes

Dear Students,

1 - As agreed in class, tomorrow (November, 9) an extra online class will be held at 15:00 to continue the topic of Information Synthesis Models (namely PCA – Principal Components Analysis), including practice with SPSS.

Please use the link available in the file in section “Videoconference Zoom Links”.

The class will be recorded and the video uploaded to ADAS webpage, for the students who cannot attend.

2 – The video of a class (for PhD students) on practice of SPSS (statistical analyses for the 1st report) held on November, 2 is available in section “Online sessions (Recordings)”. You may find it useful to prepare your report, besides the SPSS guidelines provided.

Best regards,

Marta C. Gomes