Provisory grades released

1 Junho 2019, 21:29 Rui Henriques

Provisory final grades are available.
Let us know if you find any incongruence or have any question.
Please also feel free to send us feedback to improve the upcoming editions of this course.
Thank you for your attention and hard work, success on your path!

Room for project presentations

25 Maio 2019, 20:18 Rui Henriques

Monday: 0.20 (Informática II)
Tuesday morning: 0.09 (Informática III)
Tuesday afternoon: 2N5-21
Wednesday afternoon: 0.17 (Informática II)
Thursday morning: F8 / 0.09 (Informática III)

Please attempt to be 10 minutes before (and reserve 15 minutes after) your slot.
Peanuts and drinks will be provided.

Revised slots and grades

18 Maio 2019, 11:13 Rui Henriques

The final schedule for project presentations and revised grades are available.
Let me know if you find any incongruence.
Thumbs up for your work

Project submission and presentation slots

15 Maio 2019, 16:02 Rui Henriques

A new project deadline was approved: Wednesday, May 22.
Regarding submission, please upload in Fenix a with three files: 1) your project report (xxx.pdf with 4-6 pages according to the aamas template), 2) a 3-4mins video (lightweighted xxx.mp4), and 3) a final working version of your project code (
xxx corresponds to your group number. Example: 007 for group number 7. Projects with uneven student contributions should add a section "Work distribution" in the front report page with 2-3 lines specifying the distribution of efforts per group member.

A provisory schedule for discussions is available. Given the lack of time in labs/lectures, schedules may not coincide with your original lab. If your group is unable to attend the suggested slot, please send me an e-mail with "AASMA: request slot change xxx [group number]" and identify two-to-three alternative slots with the same color where you can be available. Please consider some backup time (presence 10mins before discussion and 20mins after the discussion). For the discussions prepare a small demo / walk through your project (4 minutes). Remaining 10 minutes will be dedicated to Q&A.
Lectures next week will be office hours (appointments via e-mail).

Provisory grades released

13 Maio 2019, 18:42 Rui Henriques

Provisory exam grades (and corresponding solution) and essay-exercise grades (and corresponding Mooshak tests and results) are available.
Revision and second date registration at lectures this week (access solutions in advance).