Project submission and presentation slots

15 Maio 2019, 16:02 Rui Henriques

A new project deadline was approved: Wednesday, May 22.
Regarding submission, please upload in Fenix a with three files: 1) your project report (xxx.pdf with 4-6 pages according to the aamas template), 2) a 3-4mins video (lightweighted xxx.mp4), and 3) a final working version of your project code (
xxx corresponds to your group number. Example: 007 for group number 7. Projects with uneven student contributions should add a section "Work distribution" in the front report page with 2-3 lines specifying the distribution of efforts per group member.

A provisory schedule for discussions is available. Given the lack of time in labs/lectures, schedules may not coincide with your original lab. If your group is unable to attend the suggested slot, please send me an e-mail with "AASMA: request slot change xxx [group number]" and identify two-to-three alternative slots with the same color where you can be available. Please consider some backup time (presence 10mins before discussion and 20mins after the discussion). For the discussions prepare a small demo / walk through your project (4 minutes). Remaining 10 minutes will be dedicated to Q&A.
Lectures next week will be office hours (appointments via e-mail).