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A Área Científica de Controlo, Automação e Informática Industrial (ACCAII) integrada no Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica agrega dois grupos de disciplinas que são oferecidas a vários cursos dos 1º, 2º e 3º ciclos de estudos superiores:

·         Controlo, Automação e Robótica

·         Informática Industrial

O corpo docente da ACCAII é composto por 11 docentes doutorados, que desempenham actividades de investigação no Centro de Sistemas Inteligentes do IDMEC como Membros Integrados, ou como Membros Colaboradores.


Temas de Tese para o ano lectivo de 2016-2017

1 Julho 2016, 12:07 - João Carlos Prata dos Reis

Podem ser encontradas no menu lateral em Ensino -> Teses de Mestrado, ou mais facilmente aqui.

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ACCAII Seminars

16 Outubro 2017, 13:44 - João Carlos Prata dos Reis

Toward Self-Learning and Prediction for Autonomous Electric Ships


Ali Haseltalab

(PhD student at Delft University of Technology)

Tuesday, October 17, 11h00 (room 4.4, Pav. Mec. III)


Autonomous vessels are types of ships that are capable of observing and sensing their surrounding environment to maneuver or carry out dynamic positioning operations without intervention of human operators. Recently, the maritime industry has started to investigate the possibility of bringing autonomous ships into operation. However, there are many challenges on the way. In this talk, it is aimed to introduce some of these challenges and propose solutions for overcoming them. The topics fall in fields of navigation and motion control and robust and efficient operation of the on-board power and propulsion systems. It will be shown that with the adoption of feasible and novel algorithms robustness and efficiency of autonomous ships can be enhanced.

About the speaker:

Ali Haseltalab is PhD student at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. His PhD research project is related to autonomous ships motion control as well as stability, robustness and efficiency of on-board power systems. He received his MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering focusing on Control and Systems from Bogazici University, Turkey where he worked on designing fault-tolerant algorithms for Consensus Networks. For the BSc degree he studied Electrical Engineering with the focus on Control Engineering at University of Tabriz, Iran

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