Projectos actuais

Projectos actuais

Current projects

CIP-ICT-PSP.2009.2.4 European project 250503 (EuDML)

EuDML is a CIP project to build the European Digital Mathematics Library, striving to make the significant corpus of mathematics scholarship, published in Europe, available online, in the form of an authoritative and enduring digital collection, developed and curated by a network of institutions. EuDML aims at designing and building a collaborative digital library service that will collate the currently distributed content by the diversity of providers.

Project website :

FCT Project PTDC/EIA-EIA/109840/2009 (SInteliGIS)

The Services for Intelligent Geographical Information Systems (SInteliGIS) project proposes a research program in the area of Geographic Information Management, particularly focusing on problems related to Geographic Information Retrieval and to the processing of geospatial information encoded in textual documents.

Project website :

FCT Project PTDC/EIA-EIA/115346/2009 (SMARTIES)

The Smarter Indexing and Search Schemes (SMARTIES) project studies IR techniques capable of adapting to the syntactic and semantic characteristics of the documents being processed, attempting to minimize the need for human intervention when applying the same technique in different contexts, and supporting the use of semantic information to improve the performance of IR techniques. 

FCT UTAustin/PT Project UTA-Est/MAI/0006/2009 (REACTION)

The REACTION project (Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News) studies the development of a computational journalism platform (mostly) for Portuguese. The project researches new tools for providing a greater automation in news gathering, analysis, and delivery, while respecting practical constraints of news producers and consumers. It specifically addresses the decomposition of stories into finer-grained elements, and the discovery of relations between these elements and between news and the social networks which underlie their contents.

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Over the last decade a number of complex problems have emerged in many different areas, involving the computation of predictions and the analyses of large information networks derived from massive data collection systems. The DataStorm project addresses the design, implementation and operation of the new wave of large-scale data-intensive software systems. These systems collect and integrate data from heterogenous sources, public and proprietary, from which large and complex graphs can be derived. These graphs can then be mined for patterns, from which models, predictions and various forms of knowledge can then be inferred.

Projectos anteriores

Previous projects

FCT Projects POSI-SRI-47071-2002 (GREASE) and PTDC-EIA-73614-2006 (GREASE-II)
Projects focusing on information retrieval systems that take in account the geographic context, researching questions such as the geo-referencing of Web documents and the ranking of results in information retrieval systems on the basis of geographic criteria. Research in these projects combines methods from information retrieval (IR) and geographic information systems (GIS), resulting in the development of software components that are now integrated in the search engine tumba!.

eContentPlus European Project ECP-2005-CULT-038042 (DIGMAP)
Project from the Information Systems Group of INESC-ID, focusing on the development of services for searching and browsing in metadata collections referring to digitized old maps. His activities were mainly concerned with advising younger students working in the project, sharing his expertise on the area of Geographic Information Retrieval. Besides some publications, his work within this project also gave origin to several open-source tools, which are available online at

Tumba! Web Search Engine
A research project focusing on Web information retrieval systems, partially funded by FCCN. Research in this project resulted in the construction of a new engine of search for the Portuguese Web (available from, which became a recognized public resource in a national level. His activities were related with the development of diverse software components used by the system, as well as with the operation and maintenance of the online service. The team working on the project was always very small (less than ten of people, all of them teachers or researchers), and all the elements shared development and administration tasks. Diverse publications resulted from research using data and software components from this system. Besides the search service, this project also gave rise to diverse important resources for the scientific community (e.g. a corpora of Web documents made available by Linguateca).

FCT Project POSI-SRI-40193-2001 (XMLBase)
Project focusing on large-scale storage systems for Web data, researching issues such as the fetching, analysis, and distributed storage of these data. Research in this project resulted in the development of software components that are now integrated into the search engine tumba!. His activities were mainly related with the construction of a tool for the processing and extraction of information from Web documents. At the present moment, several of the individuals involved in XMLBase are working in the development of an archiving system for the Portuguese Web, which reuses many of the software components developed in the scope of this project.