Integrative analysis of heterogeneous biomedical data

25 Maio 2018, 16:00 Rui Henriques

Relationships among biological, clinical and exposomic data.
Learning from heterogeneous biomedical data sources for optimal healthcare.
Concluding remarks.

Clinical markers in precision medicine

25 Maio 2018, 14:30 Rui Henriques

Learning from physiological signals and their role in precision medicine.
Learning from health records to enhance personalized decisions.

Precision medicine

24 Maio 2018, 14:30 Rui Henriques

Background on precision medicine.
Advances in the diagnostic and treatment of cancer and other pathologies.

DNA/protein sequence and 3D structure analysis in healthcare

18 Maio 2018, 16:00 Rui Henriques

Relevance of understanding of the (human) genome for personalized medicine.
Pairwise and multi-wise sequence alignment. Phylogenetic studies. Protein 3D structure analysis.

Genetic mutation data analysis for personalized medicine

18 Maio 2018, 14:30 Rui Henriques

Genome-wide association studies.
Background on structural variations (SV).
Unsupervised and supervised learning from SV data.
Applications in healthcare.