Final Grades

14 Janeiro 2015, 19:45 Pedro Urbano Lima

The final grades are now online in the "Avaliação / Assessment" page. Please double check them and let the course faculty know in case you find any mistake. The grades will be sent to the Graduation office soon.

Project and Final Grades

6 Janeiro 2015, 18:49 Pedro Urbano Lima

Dear Students,

The project and final grades for Autonomous Systems 2014/15 are now available  here.

It was a pleasure to teach you all. Our best wishes for the rest of your degree.

Poster Session, 5 January 2015

22 Dezembro 2014, 12:06 Pedro Urbano Lima

The poster session will take place Monday, 5 January 2015, from 9h30 to 16h00, at the North Tower atrium (placards will be provided). The posters should be stapled at 09h00 and stay there for the rest of the day. Each group will have 20min to explain and discuss their poster (including Q&A). You are required to stay at your poster during your time slot, and welcome to attend the other group presentations. The time slot alocation is listed in this file.

Poster format: preferably A0 format, containing in the header:

  1. IST logo (media kit)
  2. the course name(Sistemas Autónomos / Autonomous Systems)
  3. the title of the project, followed by the group member names and numbers.

The poster is primarily your support material to explain your work, and it should be self-explanatory. So, balance the right proportions of text and graphical material. Some example guidelines here (in Portuguese).

A suggestion for template can be found in the Projects section.

Bringing a laptop or a tablet to show videos of your project is highly encouraged. Live demos will be acceptable, but should fit within the 20 minutes slot.

Test 2 and Preparation Session

16 Dezembro 2014, 10:34 Pedro Urbano Lima

This is a reminder that Test 2 will take place in class this coming Thursday, 18 December, Ea1, 14:00-15:30.

On Tuesday, 16 December, there will be a session where questions from the students. Location: room 5.15, Torre Norte, 17:30-18:30.

Last round of evaluation

2 Dezembro 2014, 20:36 Pedro Urbano Lima

The 5th round of evaluation of the project progresses ends this current week. In the upcoming two weeks every group will make its final project presentation. This is a summary description of the work done, including an introduction focusing on the work structure and on the approach followed to deploy the project, and then on a presentation of the obtained results (possibly including a video or a simulation). The presentation shall be limited to 15 minutes. There will be room for a 5-minute-round of questions by the professors in the end, but not for the group to ask any more clarification questions. This is the final presentation in class, thus it will be a key component of the final evaluation.

The final poster presentation on 5th January is an opportunity to show the work to a broader audience and also to show any possible developments (e.g., fixing a problem not yet solved at the time of the last round presentation) achieved meanwhile.

Check the details about report format, deadline and structure in the "Projects" section. The deadlines to deliver the reports per shift can be found in the file at

Project Report Hand-in: 14 (shift 1) and 21 (shift 2) Dec 2014

Final public poster session: 5 Jan 2015