Publication Notes

10 Janeiro 2014, 11:11 João Pedro Carvalho

The final grades of the course are now available for a final check before being sent to the Graduation office this coming Monday. Please let the faculty know in case you detect any mistake.

Final Grades online

22 Dezembro 2013, 12:09 Pedro Urbano Lima

The course final grades can be found online in the Notas Finais / Final Grades section.

Boas Festas para todos.

Theory classes this and upcoming weeks

10 Dezembro 2013, 15:31 Pedro Urbano Lima

This Thursday, Dec 12, there will be no theory class. The missing 2 classes will be compensated this upcoming week, on Dec 17 and 19 (usual rooms and times), and will focus on Architectures to integrate all the subsystems.

Poster session, 20 December

3 Dezembro 2013, 22:45 Pedro Urbano Lima

The poster session will take place Friday December 20, 2013, from 9h00 to 16h00, at the North Tower atrium (placards will be provided). The posters should be stapled there at 8h45 and stay there for the rest of the day. Each group will have 20min to explain and discuss their poster (including Q&A). You are required to stay at your poster during your time slot. The time slot alocation is as follows:

  • SLOT #2 -- 14h00-16h00: OMNI2, PION4, QUAD2, RAPOSA, SCOUT1MAN, SCOUT2

Poster format: preferably A0 format, containing in the header:

  1. IST logo (media kit)
  2. the course name(Sistemas Autónomos / Autonomous Systems)
  3. the title of the project, followed by the authors

The poster is primarily your support material to explain your work, and it should be self-explanatory. So, balance the right proportions of text and graphical material. Some example guidelines here (in Portuguese).

A suggestion for template can be found in the Projects section.

Bringing a laptop or a tablet to show videos of your project is highly encouraged. Live demos will be acceptable, but should fit within the 20 minutes slot.

Project report

25 Novembro 2013, 18:18 Rodrigo Ventura

Information on the format and typical structure of the project final report has been inserted in the "Projects" section of the course web page. The project report is due 6 December by 23:59 the latest that day.

I am also reminding you that the the upcoming 2 week Lab classes will be dedicated to the final presentations of the project by all the groups. This fifth and last presentation is the one that mostly contributes to the component of the grade. among all progress presentations. You are expected to make a well integrated and structured presentation, strictly 20min including Q&A (so plan for max 25 mn presentation), including the results obtained so far. Do not expect feedback on what to do next. Of course you still have chance to improve your project both before the final report and before the poster session of 20 December

The poster presentation will take place at the atrium of the North Tower (time TBA), open to the public. The course faculty and some more people will take a tour through all the projects and ask questions. The posters quality, answers to questions and new experimental results obtained after the final presentation in class (if any) will be taken into account in the final grade.