Useful information about the projects

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  • Robotics resources
  • Project list (2016/17)
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  • Robot Operating System (ROS):
  • Project Report

    The project reports can be written in English or Portuguese, using the IEEE "Templates for Transactions" article format, available from  in MSWord and LaTex (preferred) formats.  

    The reports must have a maximum number of 6 (six) pages, including figures, tables, references and any annexes. Authors biographies are not required. 

    A typical structure for such a report (though it may be different) is

    Abstract (sumary of the work)

    1. Introduction and Motivation (brief description of what the project was about and the motivation for the topic)

    2. Methods and Algorithms (brief explanation of the methods used and ROS packages/algorithms used - this is mainly to make sure you understood the conceptual and the implementation part, and to introduce notation - do not write like in a book or tutorial paper)

    3. Implementation (describe the details of what you did, possibly divided in sections, one per major subsystems, e.g., navigation, mapping, HRI, task coordination and integration/architectures)

    4. Experimental Results (show the most relevant results to illustrate the merits and the possible unresoved issues)

     5. Conclusions (lessons taken, major conclusions, reasons for what went wrong, if anything)