1st Exam - marks and exam review - and 2nd Exam

21 Junho 2016, 14:25 Alexandra Sofia Martins de Carvalho

The marks of the 1st OOP exam will be released this Thursday. The exam will be available for review on Thursday, June 23, at 15:00 on SCDEEC:

  • The exam review is not a doubt session.
  • In the exam review students cannot talk with colleagues.
  • Exam review requests must be hand written; when reviewing the marks may increase or decrease.

The deadline for enrolling to the 2nd OOP exam is June 27, 2016 (14:00). Registration is a key element, from an administrative point of view, in exam organization. Students who DO NOT enroll for examination may not be able to do the exam (as space may not be available). Check the distribution of the students per classroom for the examination here, on June 27 (16:00).