Publicação de Notas

21 Julho 2020, 10:55 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

Scores were officially submitted on July 21, 2020.

Exam scores

13 Julho 2020, 18:40 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

The second exam scores have been published.

Thursday, July 16, 10:00-11:00 - office hours for reviewing the scores.

Exam scores

23 Junho 2020, 12:09 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

Exam scores have been published.

The solution to selected exercises may be found in section Tests.

Thursday, June 25, 10:00-11:00 - office hours for reviewing the scores.

Please register asap for the second exam.

Exam instructions

16 Junho 2020, 22:43 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

Please login the zoom link for PF using your mobile phone at least 15 minutes before the exam, and rename your identity as a Zoom participant using your 5-digit IST id number followed by your first and last names.

DOWNLOAD / UPLOAD:The exam will be published in the main private webpage. The students should be ready to upload a photo or scan of their “handwritten" solution via fenix, within 2 hours. The upload should be done in a way similar to what was rehearsed in class during the short ASR quizz. Please upload either a single pdf file or a zip file with individual pages in separate files. Make sure all the submitted pages are identified with your student number and name.
The Zoom camera of your mobile phone should be placed on one of the sides of the student, showing as much as the student and the desk as possible. In order to do that, the mobile phone should be placed at an arm's length from the student, and it needs to stand up-right.

Don’t forget to ensure that you have power supply for all devices to last the whole exam. Also ensure good lighting conditions. (No books are allowed on the desk.)

You may follow the links below in order to get ideas on how to use a home-made tripod for your mobile phone and place it correctly:

You may place any doubts privately to the teacher via the Piazza platform for PF. Alternatively, if you'd like to use the zoom chat in your laptop, you may for instance install the IriunWebcam in your laptop and mobile phone. That will allow you to run zoom in the laptop, choosing IriunWebcam in the zoom video menu, but use a cabled connection to save on bandwidth and battery.

Lab 5

9 Junho 2020, 12:54 Isabel Maria Martins Trancoso

Scores have been published. Given that Thursday is a public holiday, any questions on the lab 5 scores may be discussed during the office hours on Tuesday, June 16.