There are nine projects:

  1. Automatic video director (JC)
  2. Maximizing influence in social networks (JC)
  3. Aircraft collision avoidance (JC)
  4. Image restoration (JM)
  5. Financial portfolio optimization (JM)
  6. Face recognition (JM)
  7. Fitting piecewise-linear models to data (JX)
  8. Fault detection (JX)
  9. Selecting reliable sensors (JX)

Please find the corresponding pdf files below.

Each project has one supervisor---Joana Correira (JC), João Martins (JM) or João Xavier (JX)--and consists in implementing an optimization algorithm from the corresponding paper, or exploring some reformulations. To know more about the goals of each project contact the corresponding supervisor in his/her office hours.

Note: you are not supposed to fully understand the application described in each paper---we will only examine a small portion and focus on the optimization issue (you will be given all the necessary background from the project supervisors).

On October 15 you apply for a project topic: we will make available a online Google form in which you state your group---three students per group---and your three favorite topics. On October 16 we will assign a project to each group by respecting all wishes the best we can (we also have to distribute the topics uniformly among groups).