19 Junho 2018, 21:14 Teresa Cipriano Rodrigues

Regarding the Exam
• Please check on Fenix if you were allocated to room E3 or E4. If you did not register for the exam on Fenix please go the room E4. Note that we can not guarantee an exam if you are not registered. 

• The first part of the exam starts at 11:30; the second part of the exam starts at 12:55. There will be a break of 10 minutes between the end of the 1st part of the exam and the beginning of the 2nd part.
• You will be allowed to use an (optional) scientific calculator with no memory storage during the test. However, you cannot use any other electronic equipment during the test. You can bring a ruler if you want. 
• The answers must be written on the handout that will be delivered to you at the beginning of the test. You cannot use other sheets besides the ones provided in the handout; auxiliary computations should be carried out in the back pages of the handout, if needed.