Presentations of the work assignments

6 Maio 2020, 21:00 Bruno Miguel Soares Gonçalves

After discussion with some students and following the contact from the course delegate it was decided that the presentations of the work assignments will take place on  27 May and 3, 12 and 29 june always  between 14:00 and 17:00 

To reserve your slot you should select the day and time on the doodle below indicating your name and IST number ("first come, first served")

The articles should be delivered 72 horas before the presentation 

- penalty of 0.5 value  in the final grade of the project if sent between 72 and 48 hours

- penaltyof  1 value if sent less than 48 hours before the presentation

2 values of the fial grade are proiportional to the attendance to the presentations. In the 3 days of the presentations and attence sheet will be circulated around 

Change on the evaluation percentages

6 Abril 2020, 15:08 Bruno Miguel Soares Gonçalves

Dear students 

as requested by many of you and to take into consideration your concerns regarding the difficulties posed by making a presentation in remotely,  we will change the weight on the evaluation criteria.

The following weights will be used for the evaluation of the project:
- article: 60% 
- presentation and discussion: 40%

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions

Good work and keep safe!


Easter Holidays and Other Information

2 Abril 2020, 16:26 Maria Teresa de la Peña Stadler

Dear Students,


*****This email may be long. Read it till the end, please*****


The Easter holidays are around the corner.

Take the opportunity to rest a little bit from the intense regime of remote classes.


Meanwhile, I posted on the Forum the question to meditate during the Easter week.

Try to participate. No long texts are needed. What is important is to have something to say on the subject.

A line only can already trigger discussions. We will go through what you posted during the next lecture ---

 that your representative told me should take place on April 29.


Here go two more pieces of information, on the questions that you raised regarding the project:


1) The teaching team continues to find  important that the projects have an original component.

However, given the extraordinary circumstances of the moment affecting specially those who had planned to do experimental work within a Research Unit group, and cannot pursue that as planned,

the maximum classification to be obtained in the project is not any more limited in case of project reviews.


In the cases specified above, you should iterate the focus of the project with the professor whom you contacted, before. You can eventually analyse experimental results already obtained by the group in the past, if they can be provided to you

(it is just an idea).


Remember the advice that I gave you about research

"You need a project at all times.The project can change all the time".



2) The oral presentations of the project have the duration of 10  minutes, counted from the beginning (after "slide share" works properly) followed by 5 minutes of discussion.  Não há motivo para preocupações :).  


I wish you a Happy Easter.

Teresa Peña


Aula de II dia 25 Março

24 Março 2020, 23:02 Maria Teresa de la Peña Stadler

The  Zoom meeting invitation was sent already.

Here goes also the lecture video link which is advised to watch before the Zoom Meeting.

Aula de II dia 18 de Março e aula-teste dia 16 de Março

15 Março 2020, 14:31 Maria Teresa de la Peña Stadler

-No dia 18 de Março à hora do horário regular (2pm) vai haver aula remota por Zoom.
-Segunda-feira, dia 16, às 17h, haverá também uma reunião Zoom de toda a classe, para experiência do sistema remoto.
-Foi aberto no FENIX um Fórum sobre a questão central da próxima aula "Is the scientific method (still) defined by reproducibility and replication of results?". Escrevam o que pensam antes da aula de quarta-feira  para discutirmos. Um comentário breve de cada um é suficiente. Treinar debate e discussão em grupo é um dos objetivos desta UC. 

Link para a aula-teste de dia 16:
Hi there, 
Maria Teresa Stadler is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 
Topic: Introduction to Research  Time: Mar 16, 2020 17:00 Lisbon 
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Or iPhone one-tap:  308810988,581226195# or 308804188,581226195#
Or Telephone:    Dial: +351 308 810 988 (Portugal Toll) or +351 308 804 188 (Portugal Toll)    Meeting ID: 581 226 195     International numbers available: Também irão receber um convite. Esta aula-teste vai ser curta (ma´s 30mns)Até breveTeresa Peña