Special period exam (3/9, 11H30)

3 Setembro 2020, 10:59 Helena Galhardas

The special period ("época especial") exam will take place today at 11H30, room 1.65 (Management Committee room) Taguspark, 1st floor.

Final grades

11 Fevereiro 2020, 17:48 Helena Galhardas

The grades after revision of the 2nd exam are online.

These are the grades that will be submitted to Fenix.

Grades 2nd exam

9 Fevereiro 2020, 17:55 Helena Galhardas

Grades of exam 2 are online in section "Grades".

Checking 2nd exam corrections

6 Fevereiro 2020, 23:35 Helena Galhardas

The instructors will be available to show the corrections of the 2nd exam to students on:
- 10/2 (monday), 14H room 2 Informática III building, 1st floor (Alameda)
- 11/2 (tuesday), 11H30 room 2N5.19  (Tagus)
Grades will be published until then.

Grades 1st exam after revision

29 Janeiro 2020, 10:31 Helena Galhardas

The grades of the 1st exam after revision are online.