Notas de Época Especial

24 Julho 2019, 11:12 Diogo Ribeiro Ferreira

As classificações de época especial estão disponíveis na secção Exams.

Special Period Exam ("Época Especial")

19 Julho 2019, 15:57 Helena Galhardas

The special period exam ("época especial") will take place exclusively at Alameda campus, next Tuesday, July 23rd, 11H30 room F8.

There are no students from Tagus enrolled.

Final Grades

12 Fevereiro 2019, 14:43 Helena Galhardas

Final grades are online (aid-2018-2019-grades-fenix.pdf).

Any incorrection that may exist must be notified until tomorrow, 13/2 9H.
After that, grades will be submitted to the Fenix system.

Grades Exam 2 Alameda

10 Fevereiro 2019, 00:15 Helena Galhardas

The grades of exam 2 for Alameda students are online - section "Exams".
Students who wish to see the correction of their exam can come to room 2.06 (building Informática III, 2nd floor), on monday, 11/2, 9H00.

Checking 2nd exam corrections - Alameda

5 Fevereiro 2019, 16:07 Helena Galhardas

The instructors will be available to show the corrections of the 2nd exam to students next Monday 11/2, 9H, room 2.06 (building Informática III, 2nd floor).

Grades will be published until then.