Information about the test: May 27

15 Maio 2019, 10:36 Inês Marques

Dear students, 

Please check carefully the following information about the test: 

Date and time: May 27, starting at 13h30 (there will be further information about the room, following the registration period) 

Regsitration period: May 15-21 (all students that are willing to do the test, must register in Fenix during this time window) 

Material: no special material is required (a form is provided in the handout - check a copy of the form in Fenix); scientific machines can be used; graphic machines, mobile phones or other technologies are not allowed; you are advised to use pencil (and an eraser!); an ID card is required 

Check the Feedback and Advice Hours previously published in Fenix. 

Enjoy your study! 
Inês Marques