Homework I

4 Novembro 2021, 13:29 António Sérgio Constantino Folgado Ribeiro

Dear Student,

The Homework I is already available.

Please join in groups of 3 students and register in fenix. Once you register, a group number will be assigned. The group number will identify the dataset you will use.
Therefore, you cannot start your HW without a group. Be fast with that task.

Important information:

The evaluation will take into account six (6) key factors:
Set a general research question in a topic related to the dataset (2 points out of 20)
Data set construction and description (3 points out of 20)
Data analysis and answering the research question properly (6 out of 20)
Interpretation and explanation of the models (5 out of 20)
Conclusions (2 out of 20)
Go beyond the question and be creative (2 out of 20)

Deadline: Wednesday, November 17th, 11:55PM.
Page limit: 10.

Late submission penalties:
1 day delay: -4 points (maximum grade 16)
2 days delay: -8 points (maximum grade 12)
3 days delay: -10 points (maximum grade 10)

Good luck!

All the best,
António Sérgio Ribeiro