Written Project and oral presentations

20 Maio 2020, 11:51 João Manuel Gonçalves de Sousa Oliveira

The deadline for the written project is 2020/05/31 23:59. You can upload it on the web page or send it by email.

The oral presentations will consist of a 15m presentation + 5 m for discussion. You should present the main aspects covered by your written project.

The schedule for the oral presentations is:
  • 27th May (Wednesday): 14h00 - 15h30
  • 29th May (Friday): 8h00-9h30; 17h00-18h30
  • 3rd June (Wednesday): 14h00 - 15h30
  • 5th June (Friday): 8h00-9h30; 17h00-18h30
Please use the spreadsheet on the following link to choose your prefered time for the presentation: