Publicação de Notas

6 Fevereiro 2014, 12:07 João Pedro Carvalho


Final Grades

3 Fevereiro 2014, 23:58 João Oliveira Soares

A file with the final grades is now available in section "Textos de Apoio". Please note that students can examine their texts next thursday - February 6, 2014 - from 10.30h to 11.30h, in my office, 2nd floor, block 10.

Grades of the Group Works

5 Dezembro 2013, 17:12 João Oliveira Soares

Available now in section "Textos de Apoio".

João Soares

Previous tests

26 Novembro 2013, 10:01 João Oliveira Soares

You have now previous tests in section "Textos de Apoio".

João Soares

Group Project - reminder

15 Outubro 2013, 18:14 João Oliveira Soares

Good afternoon,

Written reports of group projects must be delivered directly to me in the last lecture before the start of the presentations, 13.11.2013 (14h-15.30h). The groups do not need to deliver any excel files or slides unless requested later.


Thank you.

João Soares