Publicação de Notas

5 Março 2022, 19:50 Miguel Amaral

TBE - Final Grades (submitted to the Secretariate)

Final Grades

1 Março 2022, 22:41 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students,

Your final grades are available here The different components of the evaluation were evaluated by taking into account the several topics/criteria that we discussed in class (and which are also mentioned in the Syllabus).

We have to say Congratulations! In general your projects where very good, taking into account the complex challenges and frugal resources you had. In general you have all participated  actively in classes, in a very practical, autonomous and creative way. Thank you very much for your attendance and excellent collaboration.

If you have some questions regarding the grades (or if you detect some glitch/imprecision) just send us an e-mail until the end of tomorrow (Wednesday) please.

All the best,
Miguel Amaral / Diogo Gonçalves

Online Final Presentations Tomorrow

27 Janeiro 2022, 20:42 Miguel Amaral


Some students from our class tested positive (Covid-19) and cannot be present tomorrow. In many cases those students had face-to-face contact with their team members in the last days. Therefore, as a preventive measure, and in order to avoid any risks, I decided that all presentations will be online tomorrow. You do not need to go to Taguspark.

You can use this link:

We will start the session at 9:00h and the order of presentations will be defined randomly.

I will be strict with time - 10 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion - in order to guarantee that all teams without exception will present tomorrow.

Keep safe and see you tomorrow online.

Miguel Amaral

Lecture tomorrow - Online

20 Janeiro 2022, 19:52 Miguel Amaral


Dear Students,

Tomorrow, in order to guide each team in a more focused and personalised way, instead of a face-to-face lecture I propose a 20 minutes Zoom with each group. We can start at 10:00h.

The first six teams will meet with me through this link:

Team 1: 10:00h

Team 2: 10:20h

Team 3: 10:40h

Team 4: 11:00h

Team 5: 11:20h

Team 6: 11:40h

The remaining five teams will meet with Prof. Diogo through this link:  

Team 7: 10:00h

Team 8: 10:20h

Team 9: 10:40h

Team 10: 11:00h

Team 11: 11:20h

Please circulate this message among your team members who may not have access to fenix.

Regards and see you tomorrow

Miguel Amaral

CASFLO Software - Support

14 Janeiro 2022, 12:04 Miguel Amaral

Dear Students,

If any group wants to schedule a call to clarify any doubts, you can send Miguel Miranda an email ( and he will arrange a 30 minutes Zoom meeting with the group. 

Miguel Amaral