Exam2 grades

27 julho 2020, 16:03 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

The grades for Exam 2 are here.

Students should mail the professor concerning the evaluation of the exam. We will send the errors found on the exam and then we can iterate form there.

Office hours today

23 julho 2020, 13:52 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

Please notice that the office hours today (Thursday) are at 15:30m and not 14:30m!

The zoom session was announced in the remote section.

Office hours for the 2nd exam

20 julho 2020, 18:47 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

Office hours for the second exam are:

Tuesday 21st of July - Rafael Monteiro 14:30
Password in Zoom Sessions Section!

Wednesday 22nd July - Pedro Branco 14:30
Thursday 23rd of July - Paulo Mateus 15:30m
Do not forget to register to the 2nd exam, as only for those registered the exam page will be generated.

Grades of the 1st exam

14 julho 2020, 10:55 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

The grades of the 1st exam with the project are here.

People can see their exam on Friday by 14h30m, a zoom session will appear on that date.

Oral discussion 2nd round

1 julho 2020, 17:48 Paulo Alexandre Carreira Mateus

For those that did not make the discussion here are some more slots

please ID the group in the Doodle.