new commencement

23 Abril 2018, 15:53 Luis Marcelino Ferreira

Dear Students

Friday night was great -- so many of you showed up! Good to see you there.

Now ... notice I’ve been keeping a detailed description of the classes in section Summaries. This description is intended as guidelines for your study -- and for you to know what’s going on in case you miss a class.

The second part of the course is just starting. So I encourage you all to attend classes -- as there are not very many left (just ten) and we’ve got to cover many really important matters. 

We’ll cover the basics of economic dispatch, optimal power flow, unit commitment, optimal hydro scheduling and short-term resource scheduling. In the context of these problems we’ll go thru important programming techniques: linear programming, gradient and sequential quadratic programming, network flow programming, Lagrange multipliers, active set strategies, dynamic programming, and Lagrangean dual programming. I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity (ie this course) to get familiar with those problems and corresponding programming techniques.

Best regards,