The office hours (horário de dúvidas) during the semester are the following:

  • Susana Vinga, at INESC-ID (R. Alves Redol 9), 4th floor.
    • Mondays, 15:30-17:00
    • Tuesdays, 14:00-17:00
They should preferably be booked by email to optimize room reservations.
Extra slots for the Exam/Test
  • Susana Vinga and Arlindo Oliveira:
    •  Monday, 6th January 15:30-17:30, INESC-ID (R. Alves Redol 9) room 20
  • Nuno Morais:
    • Please contact him directly for scheduling.
Exam 2
    Susana Vinga - Wednesday, 29th January, 11:30, at INESC-ID.