Instructions for exam

3 maio 2022, 09:23 Miguel Filipe Leitão Pardal

The course exam will be tomorrow, May 4th, 2022

It will start at 08:30 on room v1.14 of the Civil Engineering pavillion, of Técnico.

Here are the instructions for the exam:

·       The duration of the exam is 50 minutes.

·       Identify sheets. This is critical, because the answer sheets may be separated.

·       Some questions are not the same in different versions of the exam.

·       The value of the question is presented in squared brackets, e.g., [1v] = worth 1 value in 20.


·       In the open-response questions:

    o   Read all paragraphs of the question before you answer the first one.

    o   Be objective and concise in your answer. Justify all answers. Use only the space given.

    o   The exam can be answered in English or in Portuguese.

·       In the multiple-choice questions (unless otherwise stated in underlined text):

    o   Each question only has one fully correct option.
    If there is more than one correct answer, choose the stronger statement.

    o   A question has N options. In your answer, you can select one or more options. However, for each question, the grade is calculated given the options you selected, in the following way:

        §  The correct option is worth the full value of the question;

        §  Each incorrect option discounts 1/(N-1) of the value.

    o   Example:

        §  For a question with N=4 options, you are undecided between two options, and select both: A and D.

        §  Assuming the correct answer is A, then the grade is 2/3 of question value
(the right option A is worth 3/3 but the wrong option D discounts 1/3)

    o   Please write the answers in the table. This is critical, because all markings on the question text itself will be ignored.

    o   Write only capital letters (A, B, C, D, …) and inside the respective table cell.