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2 setembro 2020, 12:59 Mário Alexandre Teles de Figueiredo

Dear Students, 

With apologies for the delay, the grades for the course are now available in the tab "Notas"/"Marks".

The following students seem not to be enrolled for the course, since their names do not appear in the list of students. 

Kenny Santos:  17
João Domingos:  20
Andreia Gaspar: 18
Rasool Taban: 19
Pedro Vicente: 17

I ask these students to please contact me by email. 

For any questions about the grades, please contact me by email.

I plan to register the grades officially at the end of this week.

Best regards, 

Mário Figueiredo.

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21 junho 2020, 01:44

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3 junho 2020, 13:02

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1 junho 2020, 13:48

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27 maio 2020, 12:50

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