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Palestra com o Professor Karan Singh

2 Julho 2013, 15:04 - Helena Maria Lopes Romão Borges

Title: Art and Perception driven Interactive Modeling

Data: 08/07/2013 Local: Anfiteatro dos Mestrados, sala 1.38, no Campus TagusPark, das 11H00 às 13H00

Abstract: Sketch and sculpt interfaces have often been touted as “natural” approaches to interactive design. While these metaphors are indeed a promising medium of visual communication, there are a number of inherent limitations in the motor control of the human hand, drawing or gesturing skill,  perception and  the ambiguities of inference,  that make the leap from  2D input to 3D shape a challenging task. In this talk I will present recent research and open challenges in the perception of shape from sketch/sculpt style input and various systems (,, that facilitate the leap from 2D input to 3D models despite these limitations.

Bio: Karan Singh is a Professor in Computer Science at the Univ. of Toronto. His research interests lie in artist driven interactive graphics, spanning geometric and anatomic modeling, character animation and sketch based interfaces. He has been a technical lead on two commercial projects that won technical Oscars (Maya, Paraform). These software systems are the current industry standards for animation and reverse engineering respectively. He is a co-founder of Arcestra, a sketch based software solution for architecture and industrial design. He lead the design of two research systems based on sketch and sculpt metaphors ( ,, that have been featured on leading design forums, and co-directs a reputed graphics and HCI lab, DGP. He was the R&D Director for the 2005 Oscar winning animated short Ryan and had his first exhibition of electronic art titled Labyrinths, in 2010 His current research focus is on 3D shape perception and understanding and sketch/touch based interfaces.