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Open Position at ICMC-USP / Brazil

1 Outubro 2013, 11:14 - Helena Maria Lopes Romão Borges

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (SME) of the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of the University of São Paulo (ICMC-USP) at São Carlos, is making a public call for a full-time professor/researcher position, level    of     Assistant   Professor  (Doctor). Applicants must hold a PhD in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Mathematics or similar, must be well qualified and have a scientific research orientation. The official webpage for the call, in Portuguese, is , where all the selection steps/exams are described in detail, as well as other points (current salary,...) Any question or information about the mechanism of the exams should be addressed to the head of the department by email

( ), specifying JOB OFFER on the message header.

Although the aforementioned call is the only official document setting this equal employment opportunity, below are some explanations that SME addresses especially to  foreigners, whom are not familiar with the Brazilian hiring system in public universities:

- USP is a public state university which is ranked as the best university in Latin America. The infra-structure of our institute is excellent.

- The offered position is of the tenure-track type. It may become permanent after three two-year period of experimentation, upon approval of progress/performance reports. There is possibility to apply for future level promotions.

- Candidates must furnish a proof for most activities cited in their resume (published papers, delivered courses, participation in meetings,...)

- University of São Paulo provides nice working conditions and also offers some research grants. Besides 12 monthly payments, USP-São Carlos offers some other benefits like a basic health insurance plan, salary increments depending on the employee´s performance and number of years of working for the university, 1 additional salary paid by the end of the year, one third paid with the 30-day yearly vacation period, child benefit up to the age of six, a food card, etc.

- The SME members have an average teaching load of eight hours/week distributed among basic and advanced courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

- Any applicant can nominate a legal, local representative to make the application process on his/her behalf, without the need of coming to São Carlos. On the other hand, all applicants must be at the ICMC-USP during the whole selection period, at their own expenses.

- The whole exam process may be also carried out in English. However, the admitted applicant is required to become sufficiently fluent in Portuguese and be able to deliver lectures and develop all activities in this language, after 3 years of work at USP.

- São Carlos is a city in the countryside of Sao Paulo state and is distant 235 km from Sao Paulo city. It has two well-qualified public universities, 230.000 

habitants, and offers a pleasant lifestyle and a nice climate. More details are available at the site: