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Lisbon Challenge 2014 - 26 Junho

20 Junho 2014, 12:25 - Lucília Abreu

Be an entrepreneur for one day

Have you ever thought about having our own business? Seems daunting? Need more info?

Come and accelerate for one day at Lisbon Challenge, one of the biggest startup acceleration programs in Europe, and get the real feel. From tech startups in the SaaS, web, gaming, tourism, Internet of Things and more, this is your chance to  connect with real entrepreneurs, mentors and experts.

You can also join a team for half-day, working with them towards their final product.

The seats are limited, so grab yours now:

Please note that, in case of a high number of registrations, only the most relevant students will be able to attend. In this case, the screening will be done directly by IST.