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The minor “Energy for the Future” has the objective of providing IST students, independently from their major, the competences to understand the challenges of the energy systems of the future. Currently, energy systems are responsible for 65% of the green-house gases emissions. Therefore, the fight against climate change requires the transition of energy systems to more sustainable systems, with reduced environmental impacts, while maintaining the security of supply and economically accessible to all. This minor offers the foundation knowledge to contribute to solve this societal challenge, which is expected to be one of the domains that will generate more jobs in the coming 30 years, not only in Europe but around the world. The basic training consists of the courses “Renewable Sources and Distributed Power Generation”, “Energy Storage” and “Energy Systems Management”, that cover all the value-chain of future energy systems. For students that seek to diversify their training, it is possible to choose “Economics and Energy Markets” and “Data Analytics for Smart-Grids”, that cover complementary dimensions for the future of energy systems.

Scientific Areas involved in Minor

  • Energy (DEEC)
  • Environment and Energy (DEM)
  • Processes and Project Engineering (DEQ)

Place where Minor will be Taught


Carlos Santos Silva

Carlos Santos Silva
Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM)

Fátima Montemor

Fátima Montemor
Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ)

Rui Castro

Rui Castro
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC)

Access and Selection Conditions

This minor is offered to all master students of IST (all majors). The courses require a set of competences from chemistry, thermodynamics, mechanics, physics and mathematics, covered at the bachelor level in all IST degrees.

Syllabus (18 ECTS)

Additional Information

At the beginning of the minor, an online assessment exam will be available to identify the basic concepts that the students should review in order to complete the minor courses. 


Carlos Augusto Santos Silva
Rui Castro
Fátima Montemor

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