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Candidaturas ao Técnico Lisboa
Doctoral Programme in the Physics and  Mathematics of Information (DP-PMI)

Periodo de Candidatura: 2016-07-26 - 2016-10-30

Call for applications to the DP-PMI - Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information: Foundations of Future Information Technologies.

Notes about the application form:

  1. You can only request recommendation letters after you save your personal information in the respective form.
  2. Please confirm that you upload all the required documents, including the DP-PMI Candidate Form. Incomplete applications will be disregarded.
  3. After you upload your PDF documents, please verify that they open correctly.
  4. The information introduced in the application form will be automatically locked after the deadline: 30 October 2016.
  5. Applications with reference letters uploaded by the candidates themselves will be disregarded.

Para iniciar uma nova candidatura, por favor
Receberá brevemente um e-mail com o link necessário para completar a sua candidatura.

Se já iniciou uma candidatura, mas perdeu o link para o gerir, pode recuperá-lo aqui .