Low Temperature and High Magnetic Field Laboratory


Manuel de Almeida


tel.: 219 946 171

fax: 219 946 185

e-mail: malmeida@ctn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Access Conditions

The use of these instruments is open to external users upon application (responsible) or on a scientific collaborative basis. Some simple measurements can be also provided as a service. In the absence of a national funding programme the external users are expected to cover liquid helium consumption and other operational costs

Further Information



CTN (Nuclear and Technological Campus), Instituto Superior Técnico, Pólo de Loures, Estrada Nacional, 2696-066 Bobadela LRS, Portugal, Building for Cryogenic Techniques



Temperature range: 0.3 K - 300 K (4He flow) or 1.6 K – 300 K (3He cryostat)

18T Magnet


The cryostat with 18 T magnet offers the most extreme conditions and is specially dedicated to electrical transport measurements

Multipurpose Specific Heat and Magnetic Characterization Facility

Oxford Instruments, System MagLab 2000


Variable temperature insert, range: 1.5 K - 400 K

12T magnet with a 50 mm bore with several easily interchangeable probes


Magnetisation measurements by an extraction technique or AC-susceptibility measurements

Specific heat measurements of small samples (~5mg) in the range 2-200K using a relaxation technique and under different magnetic fields up to 12T

Routine magnetic measurements complementary to those obtained with other techniques

SQUID Magnetometer Facility

Cryogenic Ltd S700X


Variable temperature insert, range: 1.5 K - 400 K or 0.3 K – 400 K (3He insert)

7T magnet with a 50 mm bore with several easily interchangeable probes


Static magnetisation measurements and AC-susceptibility measurements from 0.01 to 500Hz

Simultaneous measurement of both axial and transverse components of the magnetization

Determination of sample anisotropic effects

This equipment is mainly dedicated to study samples with relatively low moments such as molecular materials, small single crystals and films

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) Facility

 Cryogenic Ltd


 Variable temperature insert, range:

 1.6 K - 375 K

  14 Tesla superconducting magnet

 VSM magnetometer probe for DC magnetic moment and AC susceptibility.

  Single axis rotating probe (LCC20, out of plane) for electrical resistivity measurements.

Transmission Mössbauer Spectrometers (2)


May be coupled to a continuous-flow liquid-He cryostat or a bath cryostat

Temperature range: 2 to 300 K

Conversion electron Mössbauer spectra of surface layers, thin films, multilayers, etc. may also be obtained at room temperature

Existing and currently used sources are 57Co and 151Sm for 57Fe and 151Eu Mössbauer spectroscopy, respectively

Other sources such as 119mSn are acquired whenever a research program justifies it


Coordinated research on Solid State Science and Earth Sciences

This facility has also been supporting, since its very first steps, research programs from other national or foreign Research Institutes and Universities

Helium Liquefier

Linde L70


Turbine liquefier with a 2300 litre reservoir

Nominal capacity of 27 l/hr without pre-cooling or 47 l/hr with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling