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The Biological Sciences Research Group (BSRG) is a research unit in Molecular and Cellular Microbiology, Microbial Biotechnology and Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics at the Institute of Bioengineering and Biosciences (IBB).
BSRG aims at excellence in research and advanced education in fundamental and applied biological sciences, exploring innovative approaches to answer key scientific questions in Biotechnology and Biomedicine, including the implementation or consolidation of high-throughput Omics strategies towards a systems biology approach. The following research programs are being developed: i) Molecular Systems Microbiology: exploring omics approaches; ii) 2-DE-based expression proteomics in biological research; iii) Gene and genomic regulation: defining complex transcription regulatory networks; iv) Drug:H+ antiporters in chemical stress defense; v) Environmental Microbiology and Toxicogenomics; vi) Bacterial exopolysaccharides: biosynthesis, biological role and applications; vii) Bacterial pathogenesis and Pathogenomics; viii) Microbial-based therapy of cancer.


BSRG biennial report 2012-2013

BSRG annual report 2011

BSRG team:
Faculty Staff: Isabel Sá-Correia; Arsénio M Fialho; Cristina A Viegas; Jorge H Leitão; Leonilde Moreira; Miguel C Teixeira; Nuno P Mira.
Researchers with PhD: Sílvia Sousa; Sandra C. dos Santos; Margarida Palma; Paulo J Dias; Carla Coutinho; Inês Silva; Dalila Mil-Homens; Nuno Bernardes; Catarina Costa.

PhD students: Amir Hassan; Ana Sílvia Moreira; André Grilo; Cláudia Godinho; Filipa Roque; Joana Feliciano; Joana Guerreiro; Pedro Pais; Sílvia Henriques.